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A team of entrepreneurs, who strive to provide reliable, innovative, cost-effective solutions to the Industry through Oil cleaning equipments, services & achieve high level of customer satisfaction Organization has a good strength of people & business partners with a vision to grow & meet the ever growing Indian market business requirements. We have joined hands With Triple R overseas corporation, Japan, a leader in oil cleaning technology with Depth filtration concept across a wide spectrum of Industries world wide.

Why use Triple R Oil Cleaners?

Our Products

  • Reduce production downtime
  • Remove particles, sludge, varnish + water
  • Low cost, high efficiency filtration


Triple R Systems remove both moisture of particle contamination using both filtration process.

Market Areas

Triple R gives “COMPLETE SOLUTION FOR CONTAMINATION CONTOROL” for industries in the areas of steel, cement, power, automobiles, plastics etc.,


Few success stories.


Cut operation costs by keeping lubricating oils and hydraulic fluids free of contaminants

Keep the liquid clean in the war of friction

70% of failures in hydraulic equipments is because of contamination