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The pulp and paper industry continues to advance with new faster paper machines and demands on lubrication equipment are greater than ever.

When downtime due to a lubrication failure can cost thousands of dollars, the on investment of Triple R can be realized in the prevention of just one lubrication failure.

The pulp and paper manufacturing process can be particularly taxing on turbine lubricants. The high levels of moisture, heat and dirt that are inherent in the paper manufacturing process.

Applications include:

  • Paper Making Machines
  • Plant Hydraulics
  • Hydraulic Equipment
  • Turbines
  • Mobile Equipment
  • Boiler Feed Pump Turbines
  • Induced Draft Fan Turbines

Paper industry

Water and particulate contamination are common turbine oil reservoirs. In these harsh environments, lubricants must be kept clean and free of water in order to prevent costly downtime.

Triple R meets the challenges of the pulp and Paper Industry by providing depth filters and purification systems. Triple R has demonstrated a proven performance and offers a reliable and affordable solution to continuous purification of lubricants.

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Cut operation costs by keeping lubricating oils and hydraulic fluids free of contaminants

Keep the liquid clean in the war of friction

70% of failures in hydraulic equipments is because of contamination