Triple R Oil Cleaner - Excellence in Oil Filtration

Automatic CENTRIFUGE TMG series


MAX 4,000 RPM

  • Improved liquid/solid separation ratio
  • Dehydrates sludge for less weight & volume when collecting
  • Improved finer sludge removal ratio

Improves the contaminant removal ratio from the fluid in combination with the oil cleaner

    • Dehydrates fine sludge collected from fluid for easy handling and disposal of sludge
    • Easy separates fine particles such as aluminium/stainless steel powder, carbon, lenses, class powder, stone powder, mud, etc.
    • No consumables such as filter paler and fewer expendable parts for lower repair costs
    • Halves oil consumption, and stops oil deterioration
    • Stops putrefaction of water-based fluid (lower coolant fluid costs)
    • Automatic operation (unattended operation): Repeats filtering, dehydration, collection, and cleaning processes automatically

Specifications AUTOMATIC centrifuges

Product Model Flow rate(μmin) RPM/Centrifugal force(rpm/G) Outer dimensions (excluding mount) Weight(dry)
TMG-50W 20~40 4000rpm/3000G W700xL1200xH1050 550g
TMG-50 20~40 3000rpm/1700G W600xL1050xH1050 500g
TMG-100 40~70 3000rpm/1700G W600xL1100xH1150 550g
TMG-200 70~140 2800rpm/1700G W700xL1200xH1250 600g
TMG-400 140~240 2300rpm/1700G W800xL1450xH1450 900g

Manual CENTRIFUGE series


  • Stabilizes final product quality
  • Reduces machine repairs, and extends machine life
  • No filter paper, and so no blockages
  • Dehydrated sludge is easy to dispose of or recycle
  • Easy installation
  • No consumables

Specifications MANUAL centrifuges

Model Article
Max flow rate ℓ/min Main
RPM50Hz RPM60Hz Dimension
TRS-30M-PM 17631 30 0.75 KW 2810 3400 397x712x1010 115
TRS-50M-PM 17651 50 1.5 KW 1881 2265 473x787x1029 160
TRS-80M-PM 17681 80 2.2 KW 1500 1800 685x878x1444 240


  • Separates micron sized particles, such as aluminum/steel dust, carbon, lens and glass dust, stone dust and mud.
  • Dehydrates and solidifies sludge.
  • Improves machine reliability and product quality.
  • Increases production speed and productivity.
  • Extends useful life of coolants and oil; reduces coolant and oil consumption and prevents deterioration of the fluid. Additives will not be separated.
  • Important reduction of maintenance costs.

Typical applications

  • Coolants for metal, glass or ceramic machining or forming.
  • Surface treatment baths and parts washers, like washing steel plates in metal stamping.
  • Paint shop water.
  • Metalworking, metals pretreatment, wire drawing

Important note:

The flow rates mentioned are for water based fluids. In case of oil the max. flow rate will be 50% of the indicated flow.Above mentioned models are our standard models.Contact your local distributor for further information.


Cut operation costs by keeping lubricating oils and hydraulic fluids free of contaminants

Keep the liquid clean in the war of friction

70% of failures in hydraulic equipments is because of contamination