Triple R Oil Cleaner - Excellence in Oil Filtration

In aviation applications are numerous.

First of all there is the famous SKYDROL aviation oil. Skydrol is a synthetic esther and specially designed to be explosion free. That’s why Skydrol always contains a high level of water. Typically new fresh Skydrol already contains more than 2.000 PPM of water. And in contrary to most other oil, in Skydrol the water concentration should always be between 1.000 and 4.000 PPM.

Our biggest customer is FINNAIR, having all its ground equipment in Finland fitted with Triple R.

  • Loaders
  • Towing tractors
  • Passenger and catering vehicles


All airport equipment is fitted with Triple R:

  • Catering supply
  • Luggage handling for passenger flights
  • Cargo handling for commercial flights


Another application are the numerous Test benches. Test benches all use sophisticated but very sensitive servo-vales. They all require oil cleanliness levels of NAS 6 – ISO 18/16/14 or better.

Airport equipment are another typical Triple R application.


Triple R products

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Cut operation costs by keeping lubricating oils and hydraulic fluids free of contaminants

Keep the liquid clean in the war of friction

70% of failures in hydraulic equipments is because of contamination